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Here you will find some of my favorite websites. 

If you would like to see a link to your website here, please use the contact me button.  If it's a website I'd endorse, you might just see a link to it here.

Check out my eBay feedback here.

Click here for free items, Free Your Things.

Click here to enter My Kid's Closet, a great place to buy and sell kid's clothes and items.

Click here for online coupons.

Click here for Goodwill online auctions.

Click here to purchase boutique bows for little girls.

Click here to get even better savings on certain items if you use PayPal to shop.

Click here to take a personality test to figure out a gift for the hard to buy person.

Click here for BIG deals & savings.

Click here to join Tammadge Market Research.

Click here to join Focus Pointe Global for Focus Group studies.

Click here to trade online - Get 15 FREE points just for registering. Trade points for items.

Click here to locate a freecycle group near you, give away and get items for FREE.

Click here to check out Gifts of Kindness.

Click here for printable grocery store coupons.

Click here for thousands of online coupon codes.

Click here to view LTD Commodities, great prices and items.

Click here to check out birthday calculator

Click here to shop Terry's Village - awesome items and prices.

Click here for Store Coupons

Click here for Online Coupon Deals and Codes

Click here for recipes.

Click here to read other people's secrets...PostSecret, updates every Sunday.

Click Here for Helpful Household tips

Click here for printable online coupons.

Click here to create your own photo album.

Click here for market research survey studies.

Click here to buy or sell online.

Click here for Target online printable coupons.

Click here for rebates and refunds.

Click here to create an account to send and receive payments online.

Click here to send a virtual bouquet of flowers to someone.

Click here to learn how to make no sew fleece blankets.

Click here for freebies.

Click here to check out my MySpace page.

Click here to create your own Tripod webpage.

These sites are just some of my favorite websites.  A lot of them have great deals and some are just fun websites.  Hope you will have some fun surfing some of these sites.  Happy Trails!!