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How do I pay for items I may be interested in?  Good question.  I accept and prefer PayPal payments, but do consider checks (with a 7 day hold on check before items ship), Revolution Money Exchange (RME), or money orders.  I also accept cash and carry for local pick up's.  PayPal E-mail address or actual address specifics will be E-mail'ed to you upon confirmation of your order.  Shipping information (if needed) will also be included in the E-mail confirming your order.  For Appleberry and ScentSational Candles and Critters orders, you may place your order directly on the site.  All others, you must contact me first.
Once you have an order, use the contact me form on the contact me tab in the navigation area and from there I will get in touch with you directly.
Not sure what Revolution Money Exchange (RME) is?
Revolution Money Exchange(RME) is the new PayPal minus the fees!! If you havent signed up yet they are running a promotion for $25 FREE in your account. If you allow me to send you a referal link, you'll get a FREE $25 and I'll get a FREE $10 for you signing up.  You'll also get $10 (up to $500 per calendar year) for every person you refer. Interested, ask me how!

I will consider certain gift cards as form of payment, so if you have any and wish to surrender them for trade, please let me know what you have. 

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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

All Sales for my Online Garage Sale and On Hand Avon inventory are FINAL!  NO RETURNS!