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I used to create coupon trains, sometimes known as a red robin, but, I had way too many problems with people not passing the trains on to the next person.  So, instead, I've recently begun a Coupon Swap/Trade/Exchange and I thought that it would be a good idea to promote it here. 
What is a coupon swap/trade/exchange?  Well, it's where I list the coupons that I have and you send me your lists and we see if we can work out some kind of trade/deal.   If you'd like to check out my LONG coupon list, please fill out the information below.  Below you will find my wish list which is the items I am seeking in exchange for the coupons I have.  With coupon swapping and trading over the 'net, I think it's a good way to keep useful and good coupons from just being tossed out and it's also a way for people to find coupons they may want or need in order to save money on their shopping trips.
Please fill out the box below if you'd like to see my list of coupons or if you have coupons from my wishlist that you would like to swap for.  You may also fill out the box below if you'd like to be on my coupon E-mail'ing list, it's FREE to join.


First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
Request information on product?

(All must be valid, no expired's)
Meow Mix dry cat food (especially the free snacks and free cups, but will take money off Meow Mix dry cat foods, too)
Ragu spaghetti sauce coupons
Chi Chi's salsa coupons
Hungry Jack potatoes coupons
Jewel, $5 off $40 coupons
OneTouch blood glucose monitoring system coupons
Breeze2 blood glucose monitor system coupons (not the strips)
Enablex checks
Vesicare checks
Veramyst checks
Advair checks
Lamictal checks
Box tops for education
Yoplait yogurt coupons
Pillsbury cinnamon twist (cinnabon) coupons
TGIFriday's coupons (have to be good at Illinois locations)
Bennigan's coupons (have to be good at Illinois locations)
Arby's coupons (have to be good at Illinois locations)
Schick Quatro refill blades (women)coupons
any women's shave gel/cream coupons (Gillette, SatinCare, Pure Silk)
Ore Ida potato wedge coupons (garlic and parmesean)
Gillette Fusion refill blades (men) coupons
Coca Cola brand coupons
fast food coupons (have to be good at Illinois locations)
baby formula coupons/checks
Coca Cola rewards
coupons for FREE items (let me know what you got)
unused stamps, $0.41 and $0.02 
PayPal cash 
**If you don't have items from my list, I still would like to look through your lists, so please send them to me.**
PLEASE NOTE:  You are not purchasing the coupons themselves, selling coupons is against the law, you are paying for my time to personally clip, sort, and organize these coupons.